Friday, 20 March 2009

Year 13 Media - The Future's Bright Bright For British Broadcasting? Argument For And Against.

Arguments For:
  • Britain own the rights to 53% of formats across the world.
  • Pop Idol, Millionaire, Deal Or No Deal, Britains Got Talent and the Office are all british formats that have been replicated in numerous other countries.
  • Elsewhere, countries are relying on briain to create fresh new ideas from which they can use as a basis to create their own programmes.
  • "The Uk has a better tradition in making interesting more factual prgrammes + formats. In the US alot of talent comes from Hollywood."

Arguments Against:

  • There is an increasing concern that britain is running out of fresh innovative ideas for tv programmes.
  • The cost of importing an entire series from America such as "Heroes" is considerably cheaper than creating a series from scratch.
  • the role of the internet in accesing tv programmes has becaome increasingly larger. Websites such as Youtube, BBC i-Player and 4 On-Demand have made it alot more convienient for people to miss their favourite programmes and to catch up a day or so later by just simply typing it into the website.

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