Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Year 13 Media - Contempary British Broadcasting.

Key Issues Raised By Documentary;

What Are The Key Issues Affecting British Television Today:

  • Funding - Product placement, this is not allowed in britain but in america, products such as macs are frequently used in a specific soaps ect to advertise them. although british programmes are not allowed to contain any form of product placement. british broadcasting companies however are allowed to air shows imported from overseas, containing product placements.

  • New Technology

  • Fragmented Audiences - Less common to get large audiences because of people watching online or one of many other channels.

What Will Be The Key Factors In Ensuring Its Success Or Downfall In The future?

  • Selling Format Shows

  • New Funding/Production models Eg. Deregulation to allow product placements to improve money invested.

  • Transmedia Model - Sharing studios - more cost effective particularly in poorer countries.

  • Using New technology.

What Other Issues Can You Think Of That May/Will Affect British Broadcasting?

  • Imported American Tv Shows - too cheap therefore could stop making british shows instead. Quality of American shows threatening British ones - cheaper to import shows from abroad then it is to create a new show from scratch.
  • PSB Tradition - laws regarding advertising and output.

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