Monday, 9 March 2009


Because Quantum of Solace is an action film, the obvious types of merchandising would be directed towards me such as a computer game or he latest watch that james bond is seen wearing. i searched th web to find othr ways in which the films name has been sold across the world, and its profile made aware of.

Firstly i checked the onlne shopping webse,, this website had a few produsts associated with the film. som of theses were;

  • Computer games on all platforms, based on th films events and storyline.

  • The dvd availibl for preorder with a special offer and promotional poster included in the deal.

  • Bundles in which youu will be purchasing a blue-ray dvd player and a blue-ray copy of the dvd, and also games console systems with the films official game.

  • A CD of the soundtrack.

  • A number of posters.

  • Playing cards.

  • The Original book written by James Bond creator Ian Flemming.

  • Audiobooks.

  • Downloadable software for both PC and molbile, such as games, ringtones, songs/albums and wallpapers.

  • Replica car models from the movie.

  • A scalextric set using th cars from the film.


I found pretty much all of the same stuff on aswell apart from replica sunglasses worn by Daniel Craig in the film.

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