Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Own Marketing Scheme - Duplicity

A week later i think, a task was set in which we must work in groups to construct a detailed marketing plan for a new film being released. my group was given the film Duplicity. we were given a list of sources and were told to give reasons why we chose each one and why it would be relevant for the genre of film it was. these were;

  • Radio

  • TV-talk shows/interviews

  • Press-newspapers? why?

  • Magazines

  • Web Sites

  • Gaming

  • Cross Media Advertising-public display posters (billboards/bus stops)/TV/radio/magazines/NMT etc.

  • Merchandising

  • Corporate Tie-Ins; star character endorsements/sponsorships

Straight away we thought it would be easier if we got some back ground on the film itself and the stars in it. we discovered that it starred Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, and was action/comedy about a pair of corporate spies who share a steamy past hook up to pull off the ultimate con job on their respective bosses. it was also made by Universal Studios.

With this information in mind, we set out to find other companies that are owned by NBC. we discovered that they own a television station, coca-cola, Powerade and Activison among others.

This is our plan:

  • We would give away free tickets to the premiere on Kiss100 or radio one, as our target audience would be teenagers/young adults.
  • Clive Owen on Johnathan Ross/Paul O'Grady and other English chat shows as he is English himself and a more accessible actor.
  • Julia Roberts on the other hand is less accessible and would be harder to persuade to break her image and appear on a low profile show, therefore she would do magazine interviews in Vogue etc. and perhaps an appearance on The Jay Leno show as it is aired on the NBC network.
  • advertise trailer during superbowl, which is on nbc and is watched by 40 million people worldwide.
  • General Electric also own BAA flights, so i would have for sale a Duplicity themed goody bag and show the trailer in flight.
  • Win a flight to Orlando, Universal Studios, (which they own of course).
  • Special promotional packaging with products their TNC produce; Coca-Cola, Powerade and Credit Card for their bank.
  • Julia Roberts starring in a promotional Coke commercial
  • Perhaps a game made by vivendi, a by-company of Activision, exclusive to xbox 360, as rival conglomerate SONY, obviously produce the playstation3.
  • Win a trip to paris, as vivendi is a company based in paris, on a flight by BAA.

As you can see, we didnt get an awful lot done in regards to music and such, but all of the components of the "Vertical Integration" system are present. General Electric are a massive conglomerate who own a variety of media based smaller companies and i am now beginning to understand why. its is becauses of their investment in these, that they have, eventually, made a larger profit than if they had paid other rival TNC's or Trans National Corporations, for rights to their companies to promote and advertise on. i really enjoyed this lesson and found out a lot about packing and distribution among corporations, and giving the powerpoint presentation was quite interesting aswell.

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