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International Box Office Takings

International - Detailed Reports

WEEK 1: Quantum of Solace only opened in two territories besides the UK during its first weekend of release, France and Sweden. The film smashed the 007 series’ records in both countries, taking in $10.6 million total from 824 sites in France and $2.7 million from 149 sites in Sweden.

Combined with the UK opening weekend numbers, the overall first weekend total for the film stands at an impressive $38.6 million, earning it the #1 spot at the box office.

WEEK 2: If the first weekend of box office business offered a preview of the success Quantum of Solace promised at its international markets, then the second weekend was when 007 truly delivered. The film went on general release in an additional 58 territories and managed the stunning achievement of opening better than Casino Royale in every single one of them. To further emphasize this, 13 of these opens actually did double what Royale did two years ago.
Counting all 61 territories, the film took in a whopping $106.5 million at 9,870 playdates, making it the 11th biggest international weekend ever. This take also propelled Quantum to the #2 spot of largest international weekends of 2008, behind behind the $146.6 debut of Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The film grossed more than triple the combined foreign take for the next four entries on the list: High School Musical 3, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Body of Lies, and Saw V.

The average gross per location was a strong $10,790. Germany was the best new opening overall for the film, with a weekend gross of $14.8 million.

The record breaking continued as well with Bond posting the top opening ever in Switzerland at $3.8 million, Finland at $1.7 million and the United Arab Emirates at $1 million along with Nigeria, Romania and Slovenia. The film also managed the second best ever in both China and India for an international film with its $9.1 million and $3.7 million deubuts, respectively.
007 held strong for its second weekend in France and Sweden as well, declining 46% to $5.7 million and 42% to $1.4 million in the latter.

WEEK 3: Quantum of Solace remained the number one film internationally for the third straight weekend, earning $56.1 million from 10,460 screens in 67 markets.

Despite a near 50% drop-off from last weekend’s astronomical performance, Quantum of Solace opened or remained in the number one spot in 61 of the 67 markets it played in, bringing its cumulative international total up to $251.6 million.

New locations for the film included Mexico and Hungary, where—unsurprisingly—Bond rewrote the series’ record books. Quantum of Solace took in $2.4 million from 505 screens in the former and $430,000 from 34 sites (equalling a strong per-screen average of $12,647) in the latter.
Besides the strong holdover sales in the UK, Germany proved to be a winning location for the film yet again with weekend sals of $8.3 million (down 37% from last week) from 1,120 sites for a cumulative total of $26.4 million. The Bond film held strong in several other markets, including Switzerland, down just 20% to $2.4 million, South Korea down 39% to $2.1 million, Holland down 30% to $1.6 million and Brazil down 36% to $1.4 million.

In China, Quantum fell 41% to $4 million, 62% in Russia to $3.6 million and 52% in France to $3 million (it’s cumulative total in this country after three strong weekends stands at $26.7 million).
After just two to three weekends in release, depending on the market location, Quantum already managed to surpass the final market totals of Casino Royale in the following locations: France, China, Korea, Russia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

WEEK 4: Quantum of Solace ruled the international box office for the fourth straight weekend in a row, pulling in $40.6 million at 10,400 playdates in 72 markets.

With a cumulative international total a little over $308 million, Quantum landed in the sixth highest spot for 2008 and 56th on the all-time list.

The biggest opening this weekend went to Austrailia, where the film debuted with $7.9 million—44% higher than Casino Royale’s debut. Spain was another new market and Quantum of Solace managed to take in $5.1 milion—surpassing the previous Royale record by 36%.

In Germany, Bond fell 47% to $4.3 million for a $32.3 million total and in France, fell 45% to $1.7 million for a $28.8 million total. The film dropped 63% to $1.3 million in China, while South Korea declined 47% to $1.1 million and Switzerland fell 49% to $1 million. With a cumulative total of $8.1 million in Switzerland, Quantum of Solace became the highest-grossing film this year in that market.

WEEK 5: Yet again, Quantum of Solace proved that James Bond is indeed a worldwide icon by winning its fifth consecutive international box office. The film took in $20.1 million at 8,755 playdates in 73 markets, joining Mamma Mia! (which starred former 007 Pierce Brosnan) as the only two films of the year to win five international weekends.

The box office victory for Bond was easy once again, despite a 50% drop due to new competition and only one new debut around the world (a 27 November opening in New Zealand). To date, the 22nd Bond entry has grossed $340.5 million internationally (not counting the US numbers).
In its second Australian frame, Quantum of Solace slid 64% to $2.8 million, taking silver medal thanks to the solid $5 million launch of Baz Luhrmann’s aptly-titled Australia.

Other notable numbers for 007 included a $2.3 million take in its fourth German frame for a cumulative total of $35.3 million and $2.1 million in its second Spanish weekend.

WEEK 6: After five straight weekends of being number one, Quantum of Solace finally fell to second place internationally after Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa rolled out around the world to great success.

007 grossed a solid $10.8 million from 6,350 screens in 72 markets, bringing its international cumulative total to $357.7 million. This total, combined with the the US gross during the same weekend, pushed the worldwide box office total for Quantum of Solace over the $500 million mark—the 61st film overall to hit the milestone.

The sole new opening for Quantum was in Venezuela, where it brought in $415,000 from 75 screens, hailed by Sony as 98% bigger than the comparable bow for Casino Royale. Notable market grosses to date included $30.8 million in France and $37.1 million in Germany.

WEEK 7: Internationally, Quantum of Solace came in third place overall, behind The Day the Earth Stood Still and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

The James Bond film continued to play strong at 4,200 screens in 70 markets, where it grossed $5.2 million, bringing its international total to roughly $367 million. The sole new opening was in the Dominican Republic, with a weekend gross of $70,262.

WEEK 8: Internationally, Quantum of Solace pulled in $2.2 million over the weekend from 2,730 screens in 68 markets, falling out of the top five internationally for the first time. Theatre counts for the film were heavily slashed after last weekend, when it grossed $5.2 million from 4,200 screens.

This was also the first weekend without a single new opening for the Bond film around the world. It’s cumulative international stands at $372.7 million.

WEEK 9: As was the case for the previous weekend, Quantum of Solace again grossed $2.2 million internationally—this time from 2,225 screens in 61 markets (down from the 2,730 a week ago). The film’s international total stands at an estimated $374.9 million.
The Bond film’s single new opening was in Uruguay, leaving Japan now as the final territory left for Quantum to debut in.

WEEK 10: The international total for Quantum of Solace stands at roughly the $382 million mark. Following up last weekend’s opening in Uruguay, the final territory left for the film is Japan on 24 January.

WEEK 11: Quantum of Solace ended up as the top box officer earner of 2008 in Germany and fourth overall in Australia. To date, the cumulative international total stands just shy of $384 million.

WEEK 12: The cumulative Quantum of Solace international total stands at $384.3 million, with the film’s Japan opening taking place this upcoming Friday (23 January).

WEEK 13: The international box office for Quantum of Solace got a boost this weekend thanks to an opening in Japan, the final territory for the 22nd James Bond film. The film grossed $6.4 million there over the weekend, soaring past the previous opening record of $3.2 million held by 2006’s Casino Royale. The cumulative international total stands at $391.5 million.

WEEK 14: The international box office for 007 grew an additional $7 million, the overwhelming majority of it coming from Japan, where Quantum of Solace entered into its second weekend of business. This boost in business brought the international total (non-US) for the film to just under the $400 million mark cumulatively.

WEEK 15: The fifthteenth weekend of business saw Quantum of Solace surpass the $400 million mark thanks to an additional $3.3 million in box office business, the majority of it coming from Japan.

WEEK 16: An additional $2.5 million was added to the international box office total for Quantum of Solace, once again the overwhelming majority of this coming from the film’s mid-January opening in Japan.

WEEK 17: Roughly $1.5 million was added to the international box office total for Quantum of Solace, bringing the film’s total (not counting US) up to $405.5 million.

WEEK 18: Japan contributed almost all of the roughly $1 million that was added to Quantum’s international box office over the weekend.

wow that was alot! it might seem abit of waffle and slightly surplus to requirements, but i think the box office takings from all over the world aswell as the UK and US, is quite important to my case study.this is because the takings and gross reflect whether or not the marketing was cost effective.

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