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US - Detailed Reports

WEEK 1: James Bond made his debut in the United States and what a debut it was. Soaring past expectations and previous records, Quantum of Solace grossed an absolutely phenomenal $67.5 million opening weekend. This total put Quantum of Solace above and beyond the previous number one opening weekend record-holder in the series, 2002’s Die Another Day (which debuted with $47.1 million) as well as the $40.8 million debut for Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale two years ago.

Industry expectations had pegged a US debut between $50-60 million for the Bond film, but Quantum’s $27 million take on Friday alone was a sign that 007 was aiming much higher at the box office.

Unlike the incredibly close competition between Royale and those nagging penguins two years ago, Quantum of Solace ruled alone this weekend. The closest competitor was Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which took in $36.1 million in its second weekend of release.
Opening weekend audience was comprised of 54% males, with 58% of patrons age 25 and older.

WEEK 2: The competition came on strong during the second weekend for Quantum of Solace. While the vampire romance Twilight easily walked away in first place with a $69.6 million weekend, James Bond managed to cling onto the #2 spot with $26.7 million (just beating Disney’s Bolt, which debuted with $26.2 million).

Despite dropping 60% from the film’s stunning $67.5 million debut, this second weekend of business saw Quantum of Solace surpass the $100 million barrier faster than any other film in the 007 series. The cumulative total stood at $108.7 million at the end of the weekend.
‘We’re in great shape. We’re way ahead of where we were with Casino Royale,’ Sony domestic distribution president Rory Bruer said at the time.

WEEK 3: Many newer competitors battled against James Bond for the US box office during Quantum’s third weekend of release. Overall, the 007 film came in fourth place with a respectable $19.5 million take (down 27% from the previous frame). The film took in $8.2 million alone on Friday, up 80% from Thanksgiving Day and down just 3% from the same day last week.
Beating the Bond film, which expanded to 3,501 theatres in total earlier in the week, was new release Four Christmases and Twilight and Bolt in second and third, respectively.

WEEK 4: The competition remained strong at the box office for the fourth US weekend. Quantum of Solace fell one spot to rank fifth overall, pulling in $6.6 million over the weekend. Its cumulative total stands at $151.6 millon, which Reuters pointed out was about $12 million ahead (inflation unadjusted) of where Casino Royale was at the same point in its run in 2006.

WEEK 5: In its fifth weekend at the US box office, Daniel Craig’s second James Bond film finished sixth place overall (a drop of one spot from last week), falling 43% to $3.7 million. The film’s theatre count was heavily slashed by 788 screens from last weekend to 2,635.
Quantum’s cumulative total stands at $157.6 million in the US, getting closer each day to the franchise record of $167.5 million, held by 2006’s Casino Royale.

WEEK 6: Quantum of Solace grossed an estimated $2.2 million over its sixth US weekend, down 42% from the previous session and ranking 10th overall. The theatre count also dropped by 761 screens, leaving the total at 1,874. The film’s cumulative total stands at $161.2 million.
With this latest weekend gross, the 22nd James Bond film surpassed (inflation not adjusted) the US total for Die Another Day, which brought in $160.9 million overall.

WEEK 7: Quantum of Solace pulled in $1.45 million in its seventh US weekend, down 29% from last weekend and finally fell out of the top ten overall (007 ranked 18th this time around). Theatre counts also took a hit, falling 983 to 891 locations total. The film�s cumulative total in the US stands at $164.3 million, closer and closer to the $167.4 million record set by Casino Royale two years ago.

WEEK 8: An additional $1.1 million was grossed over the film’s eighth weekend in the US, with theatre counts remaining the same at 891 in total. This gross represented a drop of 19% from the previous weekend, with Quantum of Solace ranking 20th overall.
The cumulative total in the US stands at $166.9 million, meaning that the Casino Royale record of $167.4 million will likely be broken quite soon.

WEEK 9: This latest week of business finally saw Quantum of Solace surpass the previous $167.4 million record held by Casino Royale to become the highest grossing James Bond film in the United States (note that the official press release lists $167.1 million as the final Royale gross).
Theatre counts dropped once more, leaving Quantum playing in 357 locations. It’s cumulative gross stands at $167.5 million.

WEEK 10: Theatre counts for Quantum of Solace dropped once again, but this time only by 28 theatres, leaving 007 playing at 329 locations. Ranked 30th overall in its tenth weekend of business, the film grossed $395,678 to bring its cumulative total up to $168 million.

WEEK 11: Ranking 31st overall over the weekend, Quantum of Solace grossed $225,000 to bring it’s cumulative total to $168.3 million. Theatre counts fell once again (this time by 57), leaving the 22nd James Bond film playing on 272 screens.

WEEK 12 - FINAL: The final US gross for Quantum of Solace: $168,368,427.

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